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    quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

    Minimalis Acrylic hand cut pendant in red and aluminium

    pendver01, originally uploaded by Pulguinha´s beads.
    This perfect hand cut acrylic pendant is an elegant minimalist piece of experimental jewelery.

    It´s hank cut, sanded and polished by hand from a 3mm , 0,12 in, sheet of red translucent acrylic, and than covered with a handmade piece from a 1 mm, 0,04in, aluminium sheet, pierced with a drill. The to pieces are conected by to metal rings, in gum metal color., suitable for lethar cord or ruber cord, 3mm, 0,12in, diameter.

    If you want, I can do a similar pendant in another color. I start making this hand cut acrylic pieces with the general idea planned, but I always alter something from oneto another, that´s what makes my pieces one of a kind.
    Available at my Etsy Shop Pulguinha

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