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    sábado, 3 de março de 2012

    Busy week

    So I was busy this week.

    I take the weekend to my soon, and it extended to the week.

    On Saturday we take a walk around the neighborhood, taking some photos of the site.

    Then we went to lunch by the river, and take some more photos.

    Then, on Sunday I finally went to a Rural Tourism house, Casa do vale do Linteiro of a friends family, to let there some works I made from pictures I took in a previous visit. 

    Monday we went to see Portugal dos Pequeninos, and have fun all the three.

    I had also to made a ring for a product review, and my work was featured on the fashion Blog, kitschandjadedfashion.

    So let´s Start.

    I spent all saturday morning with my son, walking around the neighborhood, taking photos. It was alovely sunny day, the Mimosas are filled with flowers and is scent is every where.

    There are some cozy beautiful spaces around, and the views are nice.

    Then we whet to the park, to have lunch by he river, and take some more photos of the old great trees on the way.  

    About the work I made in collaborations on the tourism house, I´m in love with that place since I first visit it in last Summer.

    It´s a peacefull place, half hour from Coimbra. composed by original family houses recovered to Tourism.

    The access to the houses is made thru a cute little courtyard, and the houses are beautifully decorated in a cottage chic kind of way. 

    The sympathy of the owners is amazing, and we ill at home over there.

    I made this earrings and pendants with some photos of the place, treated I photoshop to give old look, to some of them. 

    I made the expositor from an old wine box, and left it there, so the people who stays can take a memory home of that beautiful place.

    Then on monday we go out to visit Portugal dos Pequeninos. 

    It was a full week, and it would be better if the girl that asked me if I could make three pair of earrings for her bridesmaid did not gave uo the deal. But her moher had aready bought something and she did nit know.

    You can see more the photos o my Flickr.

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