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    sábado, 17 de março de 2012

    Color block

    Color block is a trend.

    It means block of color (seriously?) and it´s everywhere.
    I like one color pice to contrast to another one, so, I´m definitely going on this for the summer.
    I even start a Emerald green dress and bought the fabric for one Aqua blue.
    And then I decided to use the color acrylic sheet I had bought to follow the tend.

    Color block Acrylic cuff - hand cut - Aqua blue and yellow

    Color block Acrylic cuff hand cut - Green and yellow

    For now there are two cuff available at my Etsy shop, but there are more pieces to come.
    Although all of the ones already there can be integrated in a color block look.
    Lets see:

    Cabaret Pink acrylic Ring - Hand cut - embellished with SW

    Minimalist Acrylic Bracelet hand cut in navy blue

    Worm handmade acrylic bracelet

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