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    quarta-feira, 6 de março de 2013

    Annuk Creations - colorfull jewelry from Greece

    As I was writing on the other day, I´ve been seeking on starting a new interview/articles series about wonderful artists I know from Etsy.
    Etsy, for those who do not know, it´s an online handmade market, full of wonderful people selling there arts and crafts.
    So, is it not the better way to start the series featuring Annuk Creations, from Anna, who surprise me, the other way, with a flattering post about my work?

    Annuk Creations


    I´ve been working on this post quiet a while.
    My problem is that I´m  afraid to fail to do justice to the excellent work of Anna, her blog and her commitment.
    Ando a escrever este post já faz um tempo. Tenho de medo de não conseguir transmitir o que sinto quanto ao trabalho da Anna, o seu blog e a sua dedicação.

    We read in some crafts posts about creating a brand, a cohesive image, a presence online, etc, etc.
    This is not easy, I speak for myself, but there are people in this world that can do this perfectly.

    Lemos em alguns posts sobre a necessidade de conceber uma imagem coesa, uma marca com forte presença online, reconhecivel. Não é fácil consegui-lo, e falo por mim.
    Mas existem pessoas que o conseguem, e que o fazem parecer fácil.

    The pieces that Anna makes are colorful fresh, beautiful, warm, cosy, and if you visit her blog, it´s exactly the same image.
    Colorful images about her work and surroundings, landscape wonderful photos, a beautiful light and a warm spirit that makes my day beautiful.

    As peças da Anna são coloridas, frescas, leves, bonitas, lindas, fofas, e se visitarem o seu blog, a imagem transmitida é a mesma.

    Her works are inspired in the Mediterranean colors, culture, light and beauty, and her dedication and love to her works can be seen in her work, in her blog and site. 

    Os seus trabalhos são inpirados no Mediterraneo, cores, cultura e beleza.
    E a atenção que dedica ao seu trabalho é visivel nas suas peças, blog e site.

    Source- Milos
    Anna is creating since she can remember. Always a craft girl, experimenting and creating, the mixing of material is her favorite part of her work.

    Desde pequena que a Anna é uma artesã. experimentando, criado, misturando materiais, sendo esta última a parte que mais a realiza.

    With a wide range of materials, she works glass, polymer clay, metal sheets and wood, the mystery is to know what she is going to use next.

    Num grand leque de materias, Anna consegue sempre surpreender como uso de materias como o vidro, polymer clay, madeira, metal  e com as composições que cria.

    She loves experimenting, and mixing, and she does it in a natural and always successful way.

    Ela adora experimentar, misturar, conjugar, e fá-lo naturalmente e com sucesso.

    Milos - Sold
    I do not use specific techniques, I just follow my inspiration! I love combining materials in unusual, eclectic ways. The techniques I use most frequently are clay modeling and painting on wood.”Anna, January 2013

    In her online shop you can find rings, necklaces, pins and earrings.

    On her blog you can find artist interviews, posts about experimental jewelry, her process, see amazing pictures about the places she visit an live.

    Source - Rodos

    And off course you can see her works.

    Rodos Ring

    Her collections are inspired by the Aegean islands, Greece, an you can visit them by island name.

    "Annuk is the loving nickmame my best friend and cousin Sylvia always called me, and since she has always been my greatest fan and supporter, that became my "art name"! "Anna, January 2013

    You can find her work on her Etsy shop, AnnukCreations, and also on craft fairs. She is always posting about her work and projects, on her blog, and you can check there where she is going to be next.
    Also she has a Website, that you can visit to know more of her work.

    Podem encontrar os seus trabalhos na sua loja online, AnnukCreations e também em mercados de Artesanato. Anna tem o seu blog actualizado, e podem sempre visitálo para saber qual o proximo projecto, ou em que feira estará a seguir. Podem também visitar o seu site, para uma opurtonidade de conhecer melhor o seu trabalho.

    There is so much more to say about Anna´s work, but I will do it another time, because I really need to spread this words ;)

    For now, the information stops.
    (end of part I)

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    12 comentários:

    1. Oh dear Helena... this is such a WONDERFUL feature about me and my work, so warm and supportive!!!!! I'm really touched by your sweet, wonderful words! Thank you so much for loving my work and for featuring it on your lovely blog! :)
      Wishing you all the best!
      Love and hugs :)

    2. Lovely post!!! Anna is such a sweet girl!!!! I love the way she combines nature findings with metal, clay and glass in her jewelry!

    3. Yes, this is lovely Anna! She is like the blue sky and turquoise sea and the sun of the Aegean countries and so are her creations. She is kind and dear too, she loves animals, especially kitties, and she appreciates and enjoys the mountains and landscape of her corner in Italy. Flowers are her darlings and Rodos is her treasure, and certainly blue, the most wonderful and shining blue, is her color! :-)

    4. I so know what you mean about the "having a cohesive style" - Annuk t´does that perfectly, and I love coming to her blog and being blown away not only by her gorgeous, sunny creations, but also by her photos and stories of her surroundings. And of her cat Zoe - cat person to cat person! :D Great feature, it was interesting reading about Anna in "third person", so to speak. Lovely :)

    5. It is true what you say about having a cohesive look; Anna has been great with that, while I struggle greatly with mine!

      What a lovely interview!

    6. Anna is one of the dearest persons I've met on the web--always positive, sometimes introspective, forever giving and full of creative vibes. I love reading her blog!

    7. Congratulations for lovely Annuk!!!!

    8. Great post - love Anna's beautiful jewelry :) Hanne Bente

    9. This is a wonderful feature for an amazing artist!!! Great job!!!

    10. THANK YOU my sweet friends for your sweet words, your GREAT support and for following me on my creative journey!!!! I am really touched! I wish I could hug you one by one!!!!!

    11. such a fabulous feature! Congrats to both Anna, whose work, style and heart are all just beautiful, and to Helena, who has written beautifully! :)

    12. Thank you so much for your feedback.
      I´m glad you liked the post.
      Sorry for the delay thanking you, but I can not be to much time on computer this days.
      A big hug,