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    segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

    Aluminum embroidery rings

    This are my new rings. 
    And I need your help. Should they go to MEJ shop or BrandlessBerta?
    This are aluminum with cotton embroidery.
    The ones on the left will be in my Etsy shop tomorrow. I will put them on Helena Ribeiro, and then let see how the votes go.

    11 comentários:

    1. Difficult question Helena, but I voted for Helena Ribeiro shop, because in Berta you have soft items with totally different feeling.

    2. It is the same answer as katerina,although you have meny colorful in Helena, it seemed they belong there better.
      and BTW: I looove them! Congrats!

    3. Hello Helena, I voted for Brandless Berta because you use yarn and Helena Ribeiro is perfect as it is.

    4. Super cool rings, Helena! And I think the HR shop, it firts the minimalistic look and you have other metal stuff there too.

    5. Ugh, and I voted for Berta, for the same reason Katerina gave, sort of. I mean, because of the embroidery they are totally different from what you have in your MEJ shop. AND they might be not really soft, but to me they have a bit of a romantic touch.
      Seems like a difficult choice you need to make, Helena ;-)
      Good luck with your choice and both shops!

    6. I voted for Helena Ribeiro also! This shop has unique style!

    7. I think the style fits better with Berta :-)