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    terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2012

    Is this going to Help ?

    So yesterday I launch a request for help, and I have to thank all the girls that voted already.
    Now, for helping your vote, or not, I´m going to show some details and another model.

    Available at HelenaRibeiro
    Available at BrandlessBerta

    And the new one.

    The second is for BrandleesBerta isn´t it?

    I listed them to see how they fit.

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    13 comentários:

    1. The second looks indeed better for the other shop, great ring!

      1. I think so to, now I have to decide if I put them all tehre or not. Listing items to see how they look.

    2. Helena, this new one is definitely for Berta, there's n question about it.
      And now I am even more convinced you should put the other ones in Berta as well, together the rings make a perfect fit and it will be better to keep them together then disperse over two shops.

      1. Yes the crochet ring makes me want to put them all on BrandlessBerta.
        I had two of them in Helena and know adding another on to Berta.
        And then I will see how they look together there.

    3. I think both of them are Berta materials.

    4. Hey Helena,

      In the poll from yesterday I already voted for Brandless Berta. My reasoning behind it is that while the rings do look modern and experimental, the fact that you use thread really ties it to the other designs in BB. I think you should reserve the other shop for acrylic jewellery only. Hope this helps you a bit :)

      1. That´s what I think, but still in doubt. The crochet one calls for Berta, but I already listed it to Berta and I do not like it there. Maybe because I did not decide what background or type of photos I want to use there.
        I´m still testing it.
        Joining them all together there definitly makes a batch.

    5. Thank you girls for you comments.
      I´m testing and thinking till Friday.
      On Friday I will make a raffle to see who is going to receive a new ring, from this comments and in the other post two.

    6. The third fits BB perfectly and considering what Jagna said, is good to have them all in the same shop, so BB would be the answer!

    7. Now it is even more difficult. I must say, I love the rings even more than yesterday, especially the one in the middle of first row. But still not sure they fit to BB shop. On the other hand, HR looks better with just acrylic there. Well, I am not any help here, relly....